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Mining Accidents

Western Australia’s mining industry is the backbone of our economy. It’s worth billions of dollars. But it can be dangerous work: the rate of fatalities in the Mining industry is 70% higher than the national rate. Causes of injuries in the Mining industry include:

  • Vehicle incidents
  • Falls from heights
  • Being hit by falling objects
  • Being hit by moving objects, 18% of claims
  • Body stressing, 34% of claims
  • Falls, trips and slips 22% of claims

Dan Connor has a successful track record of helping injured mining workers in Western Australia recover full and fair compensation for their losses.

If you were injured while working for a mining company, you were likely told to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, which was appropriate. However, as you may have already learned, Western Australia’s worker’s compensation benefits are often not enough, especially after a serious mining injury.

To get fair compensation for lost wages, pain, suffering, and medical bills, it may be necessary to file common law claim against a negligent mining company and/or the manufacturer of any defective equipment or labour hire firm.

At Connor Legal, we have a long track record, almost 30 years, of helping injured workers with workers compensation and common law claims recover the compensation they need to get back on their feet. We also understand the complexities of the laws and regulations that govern mining accidents. Most importantly, we have the skill and experience to make those laws work for you.

[source of statistics, Safework Australia ]