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Criminal Injuries Compensation

Connor Legal can help you claim compensation if you have been the victim of a crime.

Victims of crime can be compensated for their injuries, under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 2003. Compensation can be sought for an incident reported to the police regardless of whether anyone has been identified, charged or convicted of the offence. An application can be lodged by:

  • a victim of an offence where they were injured and/or experienced financial loss as a result
  • a close relative of a person killed as the result of an offence.

Compensation can be awarded for suffering bodily harm, psychological injury, or pregnancy, resulting from an offence. Compensation may cover:

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of income
  • medical expenses

and other incidental expenses, such as travel for medical treatment or damage of clothing. You can also claim the cost of obtaining a medical report to support your claim.

In case of death, a close relative can apply for funeral expenses and loss of financial support.

The amount of compensation that can be awarded depends on the extent of your injuries and the losses suffered. There is a “cap” or statutory maximum depending on the date the offence occurred:

22 January 1971 – 17 October 1976 $2,000
18 October 1976 – 31 December 1982 $7,500
1 January 1983 – 31 December 1985 $15,000
1 January 1986 – 30 June 1991 $20,000
1 July 1991 – 31 December 2003 $50,000
1 January 2004 – Present $75,000






An application must be lodged within three years from the date of the offence. If the claim is more than three years old, you may still be able to claim, but an extension of time must be obtained. We can help you lodge your claim even if more than three years have passed.

Dan Connor has successfully helped dozens of Criminal Injuries Compensation claimants, including appeals against awards of compensation.