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Probate & Contesting Wills

Contesting a Will in Western Australia

Probate and Letters of Administration

If you have been appointed executor of a will you may need to apply for a grant of probate.

We can provide full probate services for a fixed fee:

Probate For $770

Letters Of Administration From $990

Resealing Probate For $880

Challenging a Will

Normally, it is up to the deceased person to decide how their property should be shared out under their will. However in some cases the Supreme Court will intervene to adjust the will to ensure fairness.

The Family Provision Act 1972 (WA) sets out who can apply to the Supreme Court for a larger share of the deceased person’s estate. This includes the deceased’s:

  • Husband, wife or de facto
  • former married or de facto partner if they were receiving (or entitled to) maintenance from the deceased
  • children
  • step-children (in some circumstances)
  • grandchildren (in some circumstances), and
  • the deceased’s parents.


Connor Legal can let you whether you can this type of claim and what your entitlement may be. There are time limitations for making a claim, so you should contact us promptly if you believe that you may have a claim.

The Deceased Person has no Will

If a person dies without a will, there are laws about how the estate will be distributed to surviving family members. These rules can be found in the Administration Act 1903 (WA). Connor Legal can help you to finalise an estate where there is no will.