Connor Legal will give you the best advice on the costs of your legal action and right method of funding. Generally, we charge no more than the fees set out in the costs scales provided for Personal injuries cases.

In Western Australia, the general rule is that the loser of a court case pays the costs of the winner (“loser pays”). These costs are separate from the damages or compensation awarded by the court. This means that at the outset we have to consider the costs and benefits of your case, how it is to be paid for, and if the matter can be settled without going to Court.
However, the loser pays rule does not apply to Workers Compensation or Criminal Injuries cases

Developments in the funding of cases over recent years mean that those pursuing legal action now have more choice than ever as to how their cases are paid for.

Connor legal is often prepared to enter into ”no win ‐ no fee” costs agreements. Undertaking legal work on this basis is sometimes called a ‘speculative’ (or ‘spec’) basis.

A ‘no win ‐ no fee” costs agreement gives clients with limited finances access to justice. For people who can’t afford to pay their legal costs up‐front or on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, this type of agreement  enables them to engage us to help them pursue their legal rights. You pay the Connor Legal only after your case is settled or otherwise decided, and only if your case is successful.

However, there are a few matters you should realise about our No Win, No Fee agreement:

  • First, while we will carry the risk for our fees, we do not carry any risk for the other parties legal costs. If you lose your case you will usually pay the other sides costs, even if you have a No Fee No Win agreement with us;
  • Second, our No Win No Fee agreement does not cover the out-of-pocket expenses of your case, such as medical report fees, and court filing fees.

Ask us about our No Win No Fee agreement. We are usually prepared to offer these agreements to clients who have Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle/Bike Accident and Criminal injuries Compensation Claims

Legal aid, is still available for some legal actions such as medical negligence, but it’s not usually available for straightforward personal injury cases any more. Legal Aid is only available to clients with a limited amount of money, and where the case seems likely to be successful.