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Connor Legal specializes in workers compensation, medical negligence, car accident compensation, and criminal injuries compensation.

Ask about our “No Win – No Fee” policy on our free Helpline (08) 9244 2666.

Dan Connor, the principal of Connor Legal, is a well-respected Perth personal injuries lawyer who has been helping injured victims since 1986. He has a proven track record of favourable results for his clients, and their families. Connor Legal is dedicated to helping you get optimal compensation.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, or get injured at work – or suffer injury through medical negligence, we can help. We also assist with Criminal Injuries Compensation claims and slip and fall accidents.

Dan Connor has developed special expertise in medical negligence cases and is one of the few Perth lawyers to specialize in this difficult area.

When you first call, Dan Connor will discuss your case with you, without obligation, and give you an opinion as to what you should do next.

You may make a time to come in and discuss your compensation case with us in more detail, still without obligation.

There are time limits for making all claims. For some claims, including many Workers’ Compensation claims, the time limit is virtually impossible to extend. If you do nothing else, give us a call immediately so that we can tell you about the time limits applying to your claim.

It is not safe for us to provide precise information on this website, as there are so many variables affecting the length of time, including the type of accident, where it occurred and the age of the claimant. Delay in making a claim can mean you will miss out on getting compensation.

Connor Legal can help you with:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Mining Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Medical Negligence
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation
  • Inheritance

Our Staff

Dan Connor, the principal of Connor Legal, is a Perth personal injuries lawyer who has been helping injured victims since 1986. He is presently a member of the Law Society of Western Australia, and the Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Committee of the Law Society. He has represented injured people in all jurisdictions in Western Australia, including the District Court, Supreme Court and High Court of Australia

Mr. Connor specializes in medical negligence, motor vehicle personal injury, workers compensation and wrongful death cases. His other areas of practice include product liability, general civil litigation, and contesting wills. He is qualified to practice law in all Western Australian courts and is admitted to practice in the Federal Court of Australia.

Mr. Connor has been involved in handling everything from whiplash car accident cases to million dollar birth defect cases. He has pursued cases where individuals lost body parts or died due to the negligence of others, and where parents have lost children due to traffic accidents. Mr. Connor has argued in the Appellate Courts throughout the state of Western Australia and successfully has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of his clients. He believes that thorough preparation and factual analysis is the key to the successful outcome of any legal claim.

Mr. Connor has been invited to speak to doctors about Workers Compensation, and has been called upon by other lawyers to assist them in their own personal legal matters. He has acted as counsel in the following cases here.

Our Philosophy & Ethos

  • To effectively win fair compensation for injured people;
  • Communicate with our clients in language they understand;
  • Our client’s interests are number one.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Dan got me through my ordeal and stood up to the insurance company. If I ever need a lawyer again Dan's the Man."
- Cathy H.
"Dear Dan and Staff, My wife and I thank you for all your efforts over the past 18 months with my workers compensation case. Your care and professionalism was very appreciated. You made a very difficult process bearable and took responsibility. We also felt at all times that you tried to get us the best result possible and this gave me great confidence. Thanks again, and I'll be recommending you to all my family and friends."
- Georgina A.
"So grateful and appreciative for all your persistence and professionalism to make our dream lifestyle a reality."
- Denise T
"Thanks for your work Gail. Life is a lot easier for us now!!"
- Indira P.
"My case against the Hospital was hard even for me to understand. Dan knew right from the start what it was about and my case settled without having to go to court."
- Alan K.
"Thanks for your excellent service - in particular all things were done during my absence in a BEST POSSIBLE MANNER. For any such service in the future - you are the only one I would like to deal with. Thanks once again"
- Syed B.